Initial Consultation
One-on-one phone call with your assigned expert coach.
Individualized Meal Plans
Created by our dietitians and sports nutritionist especially for you! You’ll practice finding balance with our non-restrictive approach as we issue you Core Treats to enjoy weekly with your friends and family.
Personalized Work-out Regimens
A personalized plan designed for at-home or gym based workouts. Plus, access to our exclusive workout database. 
Weekly Check-Ins
To keep you on track, and motivated, you’ll connect with your coach through instant messenger, video chats, email, and phone contact. 
Low Cost
Plans starting as low as $99/mo with no initiation.
Reinvent Your Body with Core Dynamics
Core Dynamics is an online health, fitness, and nutrition company that offers individualized workout regimens and meal plans based on each client. Our online programs are customized with your body, goals, and aspirations in mind. We don’t believe in magic pills and fad diets that cause damage to your body. Our approach will help you reactivate your metabolism, regulate your body, burn off fat while building muscle naturally. 

What sets us apart from the competition is that our level of customization is unmatched. No one size fits all and we believe neither should your plan. A plan will be designed exclusively for you by our certified trainers and nutrition experts and will take into consideration not only your current weight and activity level but also your previous injuries, age, body composition, food intolerance such as gluten and lactose, and whether you follow a standard, vegetarian, or vegan diet and much more.

We emphasize honesty and wellness above all. And the best part? It works and we have proof!

team core
Core Dynamics also offers competitive training including: male and female NPC Bodybuilding and Pageant divisions, all of which are a part of Team CORE. Members receive exceptional support and motivation from their coaches and fellow team members, including online video chat sessions, constant check-ins, and by using our blog and social media sites.

• Customized meal plans and workout regimens to maximize your body’s potential.
• Regular check-ins to keep you motivated and on track.
• Communicate with your teammates through our blog and social media sites for additional support.
• Receive free Team CORE Gear.
• Practice for the stage with our online posing sessions.
• Feel comfortable and confident the day of your show with our onsite coaching.
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“Core Dynamics brought me from a snug size 16 pants to a perfectly fitted size 6 in fewer than six months’ time. Training with Core Dynamics has not only done wonders for my physical appearance, but for my confidence level as well. I can now say I feel confident in performing daily activities such as running errands, walking up stairs, and playing with my son outside. I feel lively and rejuvenated. Training with Core Dynamics is the single best decision I have ever made for myself. After losing over 35 lbs, I now have the goal to compete in an NPC bikini competition!”
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